State Government of Rio Grande do Sul
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Skilled labor

Rio Grande do Sul counts on one of the best human resources training networks in Brazil. Regarding technical education, the state has 514 schools that offer 1.7 thousand courses. Of these, 42 courses are intended to the primary sector, 133 to the secondary sector and 1,472 to the tertiary sector (State Department of Education, 2016). Rio Grande do Sul has 49,332 registered engineers eligible for the practice of their professional activities.

Mão de obra qualificada
Mão de obra qualificada - Foto: Pixabay

Regarding higher education, the state has some of the best universities in Brazil (MEC, 2015):

❖ UFRGS: second best university in Brazil
❖ UNISINOS: second best private university in Brazil
❖ PUCRS: fourth best private university in Brazil

Also, 17 technical education institutions rank among the top 100 in Brazil, and the all of them (22) are well-reputed institutions according to the a satisfactory concept t the Ministry of Education, according to the General Index of Courses (IGC) of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.